An insight into corporate fraud Essay

Auditing is the accretion and rating of grounds about information to find and describe on the grade of correspondence between the information and established standards. Auditing should be done by a competent, independent party and pass on the consequences to interested users. ( Elder, and others, 2007, p.4 ) The intent of audit is to enable the hearer to show an sentiment whether the fiscal statements show a true and just position in conformity with the identified fiscal coverage model, and will heighten the credibleness of fiscal statements. Audited accounts can better a company ‘s efficiency and profitableness by assisting the direction better understand their ain work and fiscal system. The direction, every bit good as the stockholders, providers and financers, is assured that the hazards in the organisation are well-studied, and effectual systems are in topographic point to manage them. Furthermore, audit can place countries in an organisation ‘s fiscal construction that need betterment, and how to implement the proper alterations and accommodations. It uncovers inaccuracies and disagreements within an organisation ‘s records, which may be indicants of weak fiscal organisation or even internal fraud, and cut down the hazards. ( Auditing, n.d. )

At present corporate dirts and fraud continues to be a permeant job and is really common across the universe. However these dirts and fraud are so monolithic that every clip many people particularly employees of the company lose their occupations and investors are bearing from major losingss in these incidents.

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Corporate fraud is any fraud committed against a concern and is used to include many different wrongs that may happen within a concern. Corporate fraud takes many signifiers, including insider trading, peculation, false charge strategies, securities fraud and counterfeit, Asset embezzlement fraud, Business chance fraud, Employment fraud, Short and long house fraud, Employee fraud etc. Among the most unsafe signifiers of corporate fraud is known as long house fraud, which occurs when a concern is founded on legitimate evidences, and so take by certain unethical persons toward a intent of victimizing over a long clip. ( Corporate fraud, n.d. ) It is hard to anticipate such dirts prior to the exposure as these involve complex methods for misapplying financess, exaggerating grosss, understating disbursals, etc. Harmonizing to surveies conducted in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia ( 2010 ) states that corporate fraud increased in the old 12 months and economic conditions have worsened. The surveies besides found that the dollar sum lost to fraud besides had increased every bit good. The survey conducted by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ( ACFE, 2009 ) estimated that fraud cost U.S organizations 7 per centum of one-year grosss, or $ 994 billion in losingss based on 2008 gross domestic merchandise. Although fiscal statement fraud less frequent, nevertheless it typically involved more than $ 2 million. Simultaneously, in the United Kingdom KPMG ‘s Fraud Barometer found ?1.3 billion of fraud in 2009. National caput of forensic Gary Gill ( 2010 ) states that 2009 Australia KPMG ‘s Fraud Barometer found million in major fraud instances. And they highlighted that although the figure of instances remain same compared to foremost to 2nd half of 2009, the value or cost of the fraud doubled. This could weaken investors and stockholders assurance.

In order to forestall or cut down from corporate fraud hearers do hold a responsibility to observe mistakes and fraud hence hearers need to guarantee that the fiscal statements are presented in true and just position in conformity with the identified fiscal coverage model. This research will help the hearers to happen out what they can be done or what would be their duty to cut down the monolithic corporate fraud which, is quickly distributing around the universe.

Hearers obtain a sensible confidence that fiscal statements are free of material misstatement caused by mistake or fraud. One of the challenges faced by the hearer in observing fraud is the independency of the hearer. Some companies ‘ direction will non let the hearer to move with unity and exercising objectiveness and professional incredulity. The other challenge faced by the hearer is that the direction does non supply sufficient information to observe the fraud. The hearers would non acquire adequate supporting paperss to turn out that whether the minutess are right recorded. Keeping public trust is besides one of the challenges that hearers would confront, hence the populace has raised the inquiry as to whether audit maps can be trusted, after fiscal statement fraud committed by large companies such as Enron, Tyco, and In order to forestall such jobs from happening, this research has been conducted in order to assist hearers to heighten audit quality, prevent and detect possible fraud before it is excessively late.

Brief description of undertaking aims.

( i.e. range of proposal, concepts used, restrictions and significance )

Andrew Marshal ( 2009 ) said that when it comes to corporate fraud, nowhere is safe, therefore there are fraud dirts happening everyplace in the universe. CPA Journal ( 2008 ) estimated that a typical organisation loses 5 per centum of its one-year grosss to fraud, or about $ 4,500 per employee each twelvemonth. Furthermore the CPA Journal ( 2008 ) states that most frauds involve a deficiency of equal internal controls ( chance ) , the demand to keep an expensive life style or force per unit area to run into ends ( inducement ) , and the culprits ‘ deficiency of consciousness that their actions are incorrect ( self-rationalization ) or simple deficiency of unity. However, investors expect hearers to give them absolute confidence for observing material misstatement due to fraud. The bulk of investors want from an audit absolute confidence the fiscal statements are free of all types of stuff misstatement. The chief aim or the purpose of this research will be on how and what are the methods that hearers can lend to minimise material misstatements from fiscal statements and cut down corporate fraud. The other aim of this research is to place the troubles in observing corporate fraud and how to heighten audit quality. Besides that this research will measure the spreads in internal controls and how hearers can come out with a fiscal statement without any biasness.

Scope of the Study

The range of this survey will concentrate on hearers and their duties towards the populace. In add-on it will concentrate on fraud consciousness, fraud hazard and the corporate administration in the organisation. Furthermore this survey will concentrate on the abilities and the cognition which hearers should hold to carry through their duties.

Restrictions of the Study

The restrictions of this research will be the trouble in roll uping primary informations ; hence this research will be conducted with face-to-face structured interviews and a study questionnaire. The clip bound for the interview may non be plenty based on the handiness of the participants, hence interview has to be scheduled for the handiness of participants.

Significant of the Study

This research will ease the hearers to keep public trust and will heighten audit quality. By heightening audit quality hearers can cut down the corporate fraud and do the companies trustworthy. When audit quality is enhanced hearers will be more responsible in observing and forestalling fraud. And hearers will execute their work more carefully as a consequence the companies will non see fiscal problem or troubles. This research will garner information about how corporate frauds can be reduced and hearers as a cardinal people who needs this information to be applied in the corporate universe to cut down corporate fraud.

Brief description of the models/theories/concepts that will be used in this proposal.

( i.e. consumer behaviorism theoretical account, CSF and etc. )

This undertaking does non necessitate any constructs, theories or theoretical accounts to be used in the procedure of making it.

E Academic research being carried out and other information, techniques being learnt.

( i.e. literature – what are the names of books you are traveling to read / informations sets you are traveling to utilize )

The books that this research will utilize are Audit and Assurance Books, Internal and External Auditing books. Magazines, on-line articles and diaries which are related to corporate fraud and hearers will be used. Diaries include such as Audit catastrophe hereafters: counterpoisons for the outlook spread by Fran M. Wolf, James A. Tackett and Gregory A. Claypool. And CPA diaries such as Hearers duties with regard to fraud: a possible displacement. In add-on this research will utilize the Audit house ‘s studies such as KPMG.

Other relevant beginnings include:

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Brief description of the materials/methodologies needed by the proposal.

( i.e. informations aggregation methods, trying, sample size and mark group etc. )

The information for this research is intended to be covered from Malaysia. Primary informations will be collected from listed companies and Audit houses of Malaysia. Data will be collected with the aid of questionnaires and interviews. Face-to-face structured interviews will be carried out. The interview will be kept short to esteem the clip constrains of the participants, therefore would non be transcending 30 proceedingss. Where elucidation is required, farther follow-up interviews can be carried out over telephone or electronic mail where necessary.

A sum of 150 questionnaires would be prepared and distributed to the employees of listed companies of Malaysia and Certified Public Accountants ( CPA ) of Malaysia. The questionnaire would besides be distributed to the stockholders for the listed companies of Malaysia and other employees who are working in fiscal establishments as good. The questionnaires would be more closed ended structured while there would be some unfastened ended inquiries included every bit good. Most of the secondary informations will be taken from on-line diaries, Emerald, other web sites and Athens database.

G Brief description of the rating and analysis proposed for this undertaking.

( i.e. undertaking deliverables and hypothesis, correlativity trial etc )

Hypothesis of the Research

This research would profit the Audited account houses, public and private limited companies and stockholders and stakeholders of the public companies. This research non merely benefits to Audit houses, public and private companies, but for the populace as a whole. The hypothesis proving would demo the consequence and the alterations of audit quality. This hypothesis proving would be the relationship between internal hearers and the external hearers, being independent between the internal hearers would help the external hearers to work independently and observe fraud and forestall them re-occurring. In add-on this research would anticipate that there is a relationship between internal control and the audit quality and relationship between audit moralss and audit processs that the external hearers carried out.


The terminal consequence of this research would supply empirical information to all hearers and the top direction of the company. Particularly this information would ease the managers to come out with dependable fiscal statement to its users. This research will supply theoretical information to all the managers and to the direction of the company in order to forestall the fiscal statements from misstatement and fraud. This information helps the company from losing one million millions of dollars per twelvemonth from corporate fraud and will safeguard the stockholders involvement and the interest holders of the company.

H. Illustration of how this undertaking will profit the hereafter employability

Relevance to Industry

All the accounting and fiscal industries will profit from this research. As an audit house this research will assist both heightening the audit quality and will ease the new methods to observe fraud and will promote new audit houses to execute the audit with due attention. Auditing is one of the challenging works which assist the hearers to utilize their cognition and experience and at the same clip the new hearers will larn and derive experience in the audit field and would larn new methods on observing frauds. This research would profit all the corporations to minimise their corporate fraud cost.

Significance to Faculties

This research is straight related to Audit and Assurance, Forensic Accounting. And besides somehow this research is related to corporate administration every bit good.