Ruby and her new life in pictures

Ruby and her new life in pictures

Only a week or so after Ruby had safely arrived in Perth, Australia, we received this email with lots of lovely pictures of one of the most traveled dogs in the history of Paw Pourri. Irene, her new owner, wrote:

“Hi everyone!

Here are a few photos of Ruby’s new life in Australia for you all:) We’ve gone to the beach every day she’s been here and some days she’s even been twice as my brother’s visiting and absolutely loves her! Her routine so far is a half hour run with me at around 5am and then a beach walk with Mark in the afternoon. Friday she had 3 walks and today was the same! She is so friendly to everyone she meets and she is such a pleasure to have around. She’s so well trained and I cannot tell you how happy we are! She is an absolutely incredible dog and we love her to bits. Our families are equally as taken with her and now everyone understands why we brought her over. She seems happy just to be out and about and helps me run errands. I’ve attached a few photos but will send the others through in seperate emails as they seem too big for the limit.
Thank you all again for making this crazy dream a reality – she is very loved and we are so happy to have her around. I think she’s pretty happy with her forever home.
Irene and Mark and Ruby (!!!) xx”

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