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Maude, the beautiful, most soft-haired, gentle, little collie was taken in by Paw Pourri three months ago. Maude was born on a farm in the Midlands. Very sadly, Maude began to lose her eyesight when eye infections were left untreated. She was then taken to a Vet to be destroyed. However, luckily a Veterinary nurse rescued Maude from this dreadful situation, and took her to Co. Clare. Paw Pourri was contacted to take her in and we went straight away to collect her. On her first visit to the Vet, we were told that Maude had no vision in either of her eyes. We were also told that Maude would have endured severe pain in her untreated eyes as her sight deteriorated, and her world gradually darkened and disappeared from her.

Maude is a true, little warrior and we wanted very special foster care for her. A wonderful lady called Babs is giving Maude all of the love that she has been denied in her life. You might well meet Babs and Maude on her brave little trips around Ennis town. Maude, although fearful, is getting a little more confident on her shopping trips. But how wonderful it would be for Maude to be able to ‘see’ the noises around her!

(YouTube Video) Maude in Ennis on 23 Mar 2013:

Maude with her wonderful fosterer Babs


Come here for a cuddle

Come here for a cuddle


Three weeks ago, Maude was examined by a specialist and eye drops were prescribed to determine if an operation would be possible. Today, 24th April, on Maude’s second visit, we were overjoyed to learn that an operation is possible and will restore the vision in one of Maude’s eyes!

We feel so blessed to know this beautiful creature and our lives are so much richer for knowing and caring for Maude.

Going Walkies

Going Walkies

We hope to help her "see again"

We hope to help her “see again”














Update from Babs (25th April 2013):
I firmly believe Maude was “sent” to me to help me with my grief over losing my little cat, who had gotten killed by a car the same day. Maude with her special needs was like a therapy for me. She is absolutely wonderful to have around. She gets on well with my 3 cats, she is house trained, never barks, and all she wants is love and cuddles.

When I took Maude for her first visit to Natasha, the eye specialist in Limerick (, I was sad to hear that her right eye was irreparable blind. However, there was hope that for her left eye a little vision could be achieved. Natasha gave me perscription steroid eye drops for both eyes, and told me to get Muro 128 5% Solution by Bausch + Lomb. Well, this saline solution is not available in Ireland, so I went on a mission to find them on the internet; and for a reasonable price. 24 hours later I was in contact with a very nice gentleman in the US who sold surplus stock on eBay and he was willing to ship all the way to Ireland for only the actual postage, when he heard of Maude’s plight. A week later the parcel from the States arrived and I began Maude’s treatment. She was as good as gold and stoically bore the painful stinging of the saline drops in her left eye four times a day.

Today, the 24th of April, we went back to Natasha, the eye specialist, to see if the drops had helped in clearing up the left eye. To everybody’s utter amazement, including Natasha’s, not only had Maude’s left eye cleared up nicely, also her right eye had massively improved. Was it the loving care, or the weekly portions of raw liver (loads of vitamin A!) and raw heart (iron!), did the drops somehow wander through Maude’s system and worked in the right eye as well? Who knows. And having no other explanation for this at all, we agreed on calling it a miracle.

So the verdict stands that on 20th of May, Natasha will do major surgery on both of Maude’s eyes. If all goes according to plan and hope, Maude will have a bit of vision in both eyes and all her pain and discomfort will finally be gone. This will be a vast improvement to her previous and current condition. The cost for the surgery on both eyes would normally well exceed 1,000 Euro, but Natasha said she will make sure it stays below that (and Maude’s safety and comfort will not be compromised in any way).

Everybody who has met Maude is surprised and awed by her gentle manner and her loving approach to people. After meeting her, it’s hard to believe that her fate was death, when she has so much love to give.

Medical Information

Examinations by the vet have confirmed that Maude has had at least one litter of puppies. This should never have happened because it drastically worsened her eye condition and must have caused her horrific pain in her eyes. The strain of giving birth most likely caused the lens luxation in both eyes (the lense gets torn off it’s place in the eye and focused sight is immediately lost) and inevidably the glaucoma followed. Glaucoma is extremely painful when not treated and is considered an emergency case by vets. From the condition of Maude’s eyes we can assume that she had no treatment.

The current condition of her eyes are as follows: Right eye – the luxated lense had moved up and situated itself right behind the cornea, causing a severe cataract and destroying all vision. Left eye – the luxated lense had fallen into and was resting on the bottom of the vitreous chamber and cataract also developed, leaving almost no vision.

Once the operation is done, the scars are well healed and Maude has had a good rest and recovery time, she will be spayed to ensure that she never has to go through the stress and danger to her eyes of heat or pregnancy again.”


Now it is up to us to find the funds for this operation. Every little bit will help, every single Euro, every penny, will make sure Maude’s future will be a bit brighter and lighter.

Maude’s operation, for both eyes, will cost 1,000 Euro
Donate now securely using PayPal and give Maude the gift of sight:

Hound Dog Day

Maude and Finn stole the show at Hound Dog Day in Souper on the 19th May More . . .

Maude was greeted by many visitors and people who had donated towards her eye surgery. Maude was nervous because she could not see all the strange people and dogs but she was reassured to be sitting beside Babs, and everyone who came to see her were slowly introduced until she got to know and trust them. It will be so wonderful when she can see the people and dogs to go with the voices and doggy smells.

After 2 hours Maude and Babs went home to get some rest for the next day, on which her surgery would take place. Everyone wished her the best of luck and waved them farewell as Babs and Maude headed home.

Maude having a wee treat - what a good girl

Maude having a wee treat – what a good girl

Maude and Babs with some Paw Pourri Volunteers

Maude and Babs with some Paw Pourri Volunteers


Latest news from Maude (27th May 2013) by Babs

Monday morning (May 20th) saw us at the surgery and Natasha checked quickly if everything was okay with Maude. Then I had to leave and Maude was prepared for and underwent the operation. I was in a right state waiting for Natasha’s phone call….. which came at noon with the good news that all had gone well and Maude was resting. Natasha was sooo good and called me again that evening with an update. All going according to plan, yay!

Tuesday morning (May 21st) I went to pick up Maude and take her home. She was still a bit groggy and the cone collar was really awkward. She had to have it on for a whole week, very uncomfortable but very neccessary.

Today (Monday 27th May) we went back for another checkup, all is going wonderfully well and the cone collar came off! Maude was getting loads of praise and cuddles from Natasha (as you can see in the picture below) and with further medicines and instructions we went home.

Now Maude is happy in her bed after the first long walk without the blasted cone! :)

We have to go back again to see Natasha in 3 weeks and then the treatment for reducing the cloudiness will start. Meanwhile the medicines will further heal the incissions and the stitches will desolve within the next 2 weeks.

Maude’s vision has dramatically improved already and the pain and discomfort from the stuck lens is gone. She can see three-dimensional again, and long distance vision is fairly good. Near distance will always be blurry due to the lack of lenses. But her other senses have compensated for that a long time already. Once the cloudiness is reduced, her vision will be good enough for a safe and happy life :)

Having her checkup with Natasha

Having her checkup with Natasha

Maude - relaxing after her checkup

Maude – relaxing after her checkup













2nd June 2013
I (Maude) was with my mum Babs at the beach (Spanish Point) and I saw the sea for the first time!!!

Maude checking out the sea :) She really loved walking on the beach

Maude checking out the sea :) She really loved walking on the beach

Update from Maude’s eye vet visit on 17th June 2013

Natasha (the eye specialist) repeated herself a few times by saying “wow!” Maude’s eyes are clearing up nicely with only Nature’s healing power. She continues to get eye drops to prevent infection as some stiches still need dissolving in the left eye, and some eye ointment to ensure the tear production. We will not go on the saline solution treatment in order to see how well her eyes clear up on their own first and maybe she will not need it. Back to see Natasha in 4 weeks.

Maude is continuously improving, she is now learning to navigate stairs (something she never learned in her previous life on a farm). Thank you all for your support and help to give the Marvelous Maude a second chance — Babs

7th Aug 2013

Hi friends, Maude here

Had to take an unscheduled trip to Limerick to see Natasha, the eye vet, as my serum bottle had not been filled properly and we had run out over the bank holiday weekend. Natasha checked my eye and was utterly delighted to find the ulcer almost gone and the infection completely gone. So it was good we went today, as neither the serum nor the strong antibiotic drops are further necessary. I got an ointment antibiotic now to lubricate, soothe and heal my eye.

I’m in very good spirits and have been playing with Babs every day on the green in our estate, jumping around and running and dashing, and rolling in the grass.

It seems the big black cat Paul has somewhat of a crush on me. He keeps insisting on accompanying me and Babs on our estate walks, he keeps headbutting me and he even eats grass with me and sniffs the same corners I do. Not quite sure what to make of it …. best ignore it for the time being. I’m not bothered anyway!!!

Have a great day, all, and hope to see you soon again!