Rescue Stories

Bella and Lola

Bella was dumped in a river in a plastic bag along with her sister Lola and 3 brothers. A lady heard their cries for help and bravely plucked them from the fast flowing icy cold water. They were just 8 weeks old, shivering and very scared. She took them home and gradually warmed them up and after feeding settled them in a nice comfy bed. They responded to her loving care and soon regained their confidence and zest for life. She found homes for the 3 males and contacted us to get homes for these 2 lovely females.

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Maude, the beautiful, most soft-haired, gentle, little collie was taken in by Paw Pourri three months ago. Maude was born on a farm in the Midlands. Very sadly, Maude began to lose her eyesight when eye infections were left untreated. She was then taken to a Vet to be destroyed.


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