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Paw Pourri Privacy Statement

We in Paw Pourri respect your privacy so what you share with us stays with us and we promise never to sell your information to any third party.

We use other [third party] companies to help us provide some services, so we need to share some information that is required by these companies to provide such services. These include (but not limited to):

Paw Pourri uses PayPal to receive donations and payments.

At no stage does Paw Pourri see or have access to your credit card details. We do have access to your email address, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Postal Address which are needed to deliver goods to you, purchased through PayPal. We do not share or sell this information with any third party. Some of this information is sent to us [by PayPal] via email notification when a donation or purchase is made so it does pass through various servers, such as, ISP and email servers to reach us.

PayPal state “To open a PayPal account or use the PayPal Services, you must provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. In order to make payments through the PayPal Services, you must provide credit card, debit card or bank account information. We also ask you to choose two different security questions to answer (such as your city of birth or your pet’s name). This required information is necessary for us to process transactions, issue a new password if you forget or lose your existing password, protect you against credit card fraud and current account fraud, and contact you should the need arise in administering your account or the PayPal Services.”
“We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. However, in order for us to offer our services to our users; enhance the quality of our service from time to time; and protect the interests of our users, we will in limited circumstances share some of your personal information with third parties under strict restrictions.

For more details [and future updates] please view the PayPal Privacy Policy.

Paw Pourri Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience.
By using our website you are consenting to our use of cookies as detailed below.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. We use “Google Analytics” and “Google webmaster tools” to help us ensure that the website functions to the optimum and that you have a good browsing experience. These applications rely on the use of “performance” cookies to work properly.

This information collected may include:

The logical address of the server you are using
The top level domain name from which you access the Internet (for example, .ie, com, .org etc.)
The type of browser you are using
The date and time you access our site
The Internet address used to link to our site
The county and City from which your ISP connects to the internet
Some of the above information is used to create summary statistics which allow us to assess the number of visitors to our site, identify what pages are accessed most frequently and generally, which helps us to make our site more user-friendly.

Is it possible to “turn-off” Cookies – YES!

Depending on the web browser that you are using (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari etc.), you may be able to configure your browser settings so that you are prompted to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis or to prevent your browser from accepting any cookies at all. You should refer to the help menu or other documentation of the web browser for specific details about cookie security and how to configure the cookie and privacy settings.

Other “third party” cookies

We sometimes embed photos and videos from websites such as flickr and YouTube.
Pages with this embedded content may present cookies from these websites.
Paw Pourri cannot and does not control the dissemination of these cookies.
You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.