Breed: Springer Spaniel
Gender: Male
Age: 3 year’s old
Born when: 2013
Neutered: No
Ref.: WO

Yowst is a 3 year old male (neutered) Springer Spaniel. He loves company, attention and being played with and walked. He loves running free when he can on walks.
Yowst would be best living in a house with someone who can dedicate time to ensuring his needs are being met (he needs training around walking on a lead, socialising with other dogs and managing for periods of time without chewing things up when alone). He loves to be out and about but feels most settled when he is indoors with people.
He enjoys playing with other dogs that he knows but he becomes overwhelmed seeing other dogs when he is out for a walk.
Yowst has been living alongside another dog.

If you want more information on adopting this animal, or on fostering it, please quote Yowst when contacting us either by email or by phone (087 9460061).

Uploaded 11th December 2016