• Velcro Paw Pourri

Gender:                male
Age:                       3 years old
Neutered:             yes
Ref.:                        CS36 WM

Velcro is the cutest and affectionate cat ever. He is almost clingy, and always wants to have attention. That’s why we named him Velcro.

Velcro is Velvet‘s brother, and we would love to home them together. (Apologies for the picture! If you want an impression, look at Velvet, they look very similar).

He is not at all shy in the presence of humans, and gets along well with other cats.

If you want more information on adopting this animal, or on fostering her, please quote “Velcro” when contacting us either by email or by phone (087 9460061).

Uploaded on 3/5/15
Updated on 30/05/16