Breed: German Shepherd/Husky cross
Gender: Male
Age: 2 year’s old
Born when: 2015
Ref.: WO

Hi my name is Scooby. My best friend had to get a new job and sadly cant give me as much attention as i need or deserve so here i am looking for a new home. I’m 2 years old and my birthdays November 25th. I’m a cross between a German Shepherd and a husky so I’m very strong and love long walks.
I’ll eat anything you put in front me as long as it’s not too dry. And my favourite treat is bacon…mmm.
I love to get going on long walks especially if i can go swimming at the end. I love being in the water but bath time is a different story.
I love playing with smaller dogs than myself and get jumpy and unsure around dogs the same size or bigger. Once a dog with a muzzle attacked me but I didn’t get hurt and she didn’t get hurt but ever since I keep my guard up.
I got hit by car when I was 3 months and had an operation in my hip. I have no issues so far just a little stiff after long naps.
I’m used to being outside most of the time but if you do let me in be prepared to lose ownership of your couch as I will sit and ly and sleep and ignore you to I’ll you have to I’ll drag me out….if you can bring yourself to remove me.
I also love kids. I grew up with a 6 year old and always had fun playing. I know not to jump on little humans incase they fall over.

If you want more information on adopting this animal, or on fostering it, please quote Scooby when contacting us either by email or by phone (087 9460061).

Uploaded 26th November 2017