Pebbles needs surgery – and donations!

Pebbles needs surgery – and donations!


This 9 months old pup called Pebbles broke his front paw and requires a complicated surgery which costs more than €500 as he needs a plate and pins instead of just a cast! He is now in the cast to prevent further damage until the surgery.

The owners are struggling to find the money to pay for the surgery.

Their little 3 year old child who has special needs has grown very attached to Pebbles. The puppy is a very important part of his life and helps him cope with everyday life.

PebblesThe family would really appreciate your help – please donate by clicking on the link below, or drop your donation directly into the Paw Pourri shop in Lower Market Street in Ennis.

Please click on this link, and then on one of the orange/yellow DONATE buttons to proceed to Paypal:

Thank you so much for making a difference.

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