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Rusty – a happy tale told by his fosterer Karin:

I’m not quite sure where I got that idea of fostering a dog came from – maybe from friends of mine who did the same though they had already taken in a rescue dog and had some cats of their own. And why a dog? I’m a cat person!

Within a few weeks of having the initial idea of fostering a dog I made contact with Paw Pourri in Ennis as it was the closest shelter to where I live. We arranged for Rusty, an older springer spaniel boy, to be handed over at the Paw Pourri shop in Ennis. It was a Saturday which was perfect because the dog and myself would have a long weekend to get to know each other.

Marie gave me food, Rusty’s bed, shampoo, poo bags and a lead and more stuff for him, and I had already bought a lot of treats. We were good to go!

When we arrived at home, I took him for a walk so that he could get to know the area and myself a bit better. Then I washed him, and let him settle in. My cat was a bit worried because Rusty was so much bigger than him, but Rusty totally ignored him. It was as if he didn’t even see the cat. He also ignored any barking, aggressive terriers a few days later when we went for a walk on the shore. He is the most gentle, loving dog you could imagine.

An older dog like Rusty is ideal for somebody like me who is working all day and can’t go for hour-long walks in the morning and again in the evening. He doesn’t need that much exercise anymore, and is quite happy to sleep. Or follow me around in the house and garden.

I was surprised how good he was walking on the lead – and off it! He had obviously been well trained, and he is so easy to get on with outside.

There is much to be said to take on an older animal, be it a dog or a cat, or any animal really. It is very rewarding when you think how much joy you bring to their lives by giving them a bit of attention and give them a good – foster or furrever – home.

And it all took a turn for the better. I wrote a blog or two about him, and it was published on Facebook as well. Three weeks after the last publication, two families all of a sudden wanted to adopt him! He went to a family in Ennis who subsequently moved to Portugal. Wasn’t Rusty the lucky one?

Rusty going to his new fosterer Karin

Rusty going to his new fosterer Karin

Rusty enjoying an outing to Fanore beach

Rusty enjoying an outing to Fanore beach