How to adopt your new best furry friend

How to adopt an animal from Paw PourriFirst of all, thank you very much for considering adopting an animal that needs a good forever home, instead of buying a puppy (or a kitten). Having an animal is about the mutual joy for you and the animal you take in, and maybe not so much about having a pure-bred status symbol. Would you agree?

Puppy farms are cruel factories. Never, ever buy a puppy from someone you meet by the side of the road or at fairs. In fact, never buy a puppy at all! If you do, you are helping to make puppy farming with all the terrible misery and suffering endured by the parents a viable business.


Now, let’s get you started on the adoption process. First, have a look at our website and Facebook page to see if any of those animals there catch your eye.

Make contact with us by phone, text or email, or through Facebook.

We will then discuss with you what pet would be the most suitable for you. For example, some dogs needs a big garden, others like to be indoor, some like having other dogs around and so on. Each pet is carefully chosen to match your situation, and we are here to help with advice & support if needed.

Once that is established, we will arrange for you to meet the pet(s).

Our policy is to carry out a home visit prior to adopting.

If you decide to adopt, a completion of the adoption form is necessary as well as payment of the rehoming fee.

A follow-up call later on will make sure that you and your pet are the best match. If not, we will always be happy to take the pet back.

Rehoming fees vary depending on the pet adopted and if they were spayed/neutered and vaccinated:
Dogs:   €50 to €120
Cats:    €25 to €50


If you would like to give a loving home to one of our dogs or cats, the first step is to browse  our website and Facebook page to see if there are any animals that catch your eyes. Then get in contact with us so we can find out a little bit about you and the kind of dog or cat you are considering. Our volunteers have lots of experience in rehoming dogs and cats, and they’ll quickly be able to pinpoint which of the dogs or cats currently in our care may suit you.

You should bring along everyone that lives with you, as it is important that everyone in your family will be comfortable with the dog or cat you are adopting. If you already have a dog, you should bring him or her along too, so we can gauge if they will get along well together.

We will also need to visit you at home before you adopt your new pet. This is called a “homecheck” or “homevisit”. One of our volunteers will meet you at your house to have a chat with you about your daily routine, and your plans for your new pet. They will also need to meet the other people (and pets!) that live with you. They may ask to see where your new pet will sleep. If you are adopting a dog or puppy, they will also need to look at your garden, to ensure that it is safely enclosed.

You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement before taking your new pet home. This records your contact details and outlines your responsibilities to your new dog or cat. Your new pet will have been spayed/neutered, wormed and vaccinated while in our care. In many cases, the animal will have received additional veterinary treatment for illness or injury.

In most cases we will phone you after you have adopted from us, to make sure that your new pet is settling in well and to help you with extra advice if you need it. One of our volunteers may also call to see you at home.

We urge all adopters to stay in touch with us. We love getting updates, and we are here to support you and to help you with anything you are unsure of. We will post your stories and photos on our website if you agree.