More news from Ruby in Oz

More news from Ruby in Oz

On 18 October 2015, Irene, Mark and Ruby sent us an email to keep us updated on how they are all doing a few months after Ruby moved to Western Australia. Here is what is says:


Hi Marie and Lisa!

I just thought I would touch base and give you an update on Ruby:)
There is not a day that goes by without Ruby bringing a smile to our faces and filling our house with laughter. She is an absolutely incredible dog and we feel so so lucky to have her in our lives. She is so wonderful- always happy, glad to see you, always happy to accompany you on the most mundane of chores and always so appreciative of everything we do for her (even her flea treatment- no joke she is always SO happy when she gets her flea treatment!!). We love her to bits and we both think bringing her over her though a little crazy financially is the best decision we ever made.
She has adjusted really well to her life in Perth. Every morning I take her down to the river for an hour long rollerblade (she runs beside me) and stick throwing in the water session and every afternoon Mark takes her to the local dog park. On the weekends we take her to the dog beach and take her out and about in Fremantle which is near where we live.
Everyone absolutely adores her and quite often now we get invitations to come over with Ruby! We’re not sure who they want to see more!
I cannot tell you how much happiness she has brought to our every day lives. What an amazing dog. Thank you both so much for letting us bring her over and for all your help in making this dream a reality for us. She is so beautifully natured and we have you both to thank!
Irene, Mark and Ruby x”

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