Felix the Considerate Cat found happy home

Felix the Considerate Cat found happy home

Felix is one very special cat. He was very lucky to be adopted by a lovely and loving family who already had two cats but didn’t think twice about rescuing a third one!

At the beginning, young Felix and the slighly older cat Mowgli kept their distance, but after just a few days, they were surprised in bed together! Every time the new owner turned around, there was another photo opportunity, one cuter than the next. Mowgli and Felix are inseparable now, and the family is not being left out. They sleep with a cat on either side of them! No privacy there.

Felix’ personality is shining through more and more. He is very affectionate and loving. When his big brother burnt his paw one day and was limping, Felix didn’t leave his side. When Mowgli got stuck upstairs in the house, and the owner called for them, Felix ran back and forth between herself and Mowgli until she went to free Mowgli.

Did we say too much when we said that he is very special? Can’t say enough. The new family is very, very happy to have him, and would not part with him for all the money in the world.

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