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Rescue animals make wonderful pets so please
“Adopt – Don’t Shop”!

When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you don’t just save that one life, you save two. One more – because a new animal will be able to take up temporary residence in the shelter. 


We are an Animal Rescue located in County Clare, Ireland. We rescue and rehome cats, dogs and other animals in Clare and surrounding counties. We have several cats and dogs available for adoption, as you can see from the drop-down menus above. Contact Marie on 087-9460061 or 089-4354573 or by email if you are interested in adopting or fostering any of these animals.

We also help reunite lost pets with their owners by posting the animals’ details on our Facebook page and this website.

Tit for Tat…

Tit for Tat Paw Pourri



We have been very busy with a very high number of people who are contacting us asking for help with regard to rehoming their animals. (And thanks to you, our very good friends and animal lovers out there who share, like and comment on those Facebook posts, we often find homes for them!)

We are giving our spare time to help with those requests, so we have been thinking…
What if you – those asking for our support – help us help animals in need?





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Meeting your next best friends…

We do not have fixed opening hours as we rely completely on volunteers. If you wish to visit it would be necessary to make an appointment.  However, we will make every effort to facilitate you meeting our lovely cats and dogs.


 Tell us what happened next…

If you have adopted a dog or cat from Paw Pourri, we would be delighted to hear how your pet is enjoying their new home. Photos are also very welcome. Please send them to us by email and we may feature your story and photos on our “Successes” pages with your permission.



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